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Sea transportations of cargoes from China and the USA to Ukraine

Sea transportations – the most popular service of transportation of production, especially for those companies, whose activity is connected with transportation of large-sized cargoes. Point to which it is necessary to pay attention, – optimum cost of similar services. For this reason sea transportations of various cargoes from China to Ukraine are in great demand.

Logistical company “Trans-agent” offers the clients and partners the optimum decision for transportation of cargoes of various volumes. Having the warehouses for reception and consolidation of cargoes we as much as possible favourably and quickly deliver your cargo from China and the USA. The convenient scheme of cooperation is important advantage of our company. For calculation of cost and terms it is enough to you to contact the manager and to give the necessary information concerning cargo and delivery. After that cost and transportation terms will be calculated. Concerning on registration of accompanying documents and customs clearances we incur all questions.

Delivery of modular cargoes and containers by means of company “Trans-agent” is:

  • Own warehouse in China and the USA;
  • Consolidation of cargoes;
  • Literacy and efficiency in registration of all documents;
  • Wide experience of customs registration;
  • Selection of a favourable and optimum kind of transportation;
  • The flexible price policy and the most attractive tariffs;
  • Minimisation of time and financial expenses;

Preferences “Trans-agent”:

  • Favourable tariffs;
  • Optimum terms;
  • Literacy and efficiency in registration of all documents;
  • Delivery of diverse or homogeneous cargoes in any volume;
  • The decision of questions of customs;
  • Delivery from a door to a door.

How to carry out sending?

Before sending it is necessary to send necessarily to us to e-mail: the letter-inquiry with a mark «the Demand for delivery» in which there should be a following information:

  • Approximate weight;
  • The detailed description of cargo;
  • Purchase value of the goods;
  • Contacts of the supplier;
  • Requisites of the addressee of cargo in Ukraine (name, address, phone).

Concerning delivery by service “Trans-Agent” you can contact the main office of our company in Kiev.

The scheme of delivery from China and the USA to Ukraine

On territories of the Peoples Republic of China and the USA, from suppliers to our warehouse of consolidation in Нью York or Beijing modular cargoes from China and the USA are delivered by the largest autocarriers and airlines такх as “EMS”, “SF-Express” etc. In a consolidation warehouse there is a customs registration of cargo, control weighing and marks of boxes, loading in the container and its sending in port. After the ferry arrives to port of Odessa we are engaged in customs clearing. Further, on territory of Ukraine, shipment by express service to the customer.

Reception of the goods by the client is carried out at a presentation of the passport or other document confirming the person in branch of express service, and also the courier personally in hands (depending on a wish of the client). Terms of delivery of modular cargo from China or the USA (from our warehouse in the Peoples Republic of China or the USA to the addressee in Ukraine): by sea: 30-60 days, авиа: 7-14 days.

  China USA
30-60 days 30-45 days
650-1300 $m3 * 6 $kg
2 % from cost

* A detailed calculation of the rate can be calculated here

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