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How to use site Taobao

How to use a site taobao if you at all do not know the Chinese language? To translate a necessary page into English, simply insert its address here.

The page of Chinese Internet shop will look approximately so:

Пример страницы таобао

As a result of search the thing name in the Chinese language will be displayed.

Пример товара на таобао

In a category of the goods it is possible to set criteria of search in addition. In this case we searched for children’s clothes, i.e. it is possible to choose separately: trousers, jackets etc. For example, in the first category the outer clothing for kids is presented.

The indicator 1/100 means, what page is opened, i.e. the first of hundred possible. By means of the index of an arrow you can pass to following pages.

Lower the type of sorting according to cost is in the field marked: the price on increase/decrease. It is convenient to use the given window if you wish to see at first the cheapest things. Here probably to set search in a certain range, for example, from 50 to 100 yuans (a course to national currency can look in the right top corner of each page of our site).

If you do not know how to buy on taobao inexpensive things and are afraid to make unprofitable acquisition, do not worry. Under each product cost of one copy in yuans is designated. The number to the right of the price testifies to that, how many things have already been sold. In our case it is 167 children’s suits.

Пример страницы товара на таобао

Pay attention to that near to some products some prices can be specified. Thus, it sometimes depends on quantity of bought simultaneously prophetic or their sizes.

Many do not dare to work with tao bao for the reason that do not know how to make the order. In one prize the European sizes, in other – Chinese are specified. We recommend to take advantage of the table of the sizes which we have created for your convenience. We pay your attention that the manufacturer can specify not growth, but length of a product in sm.

Colour, naturally, gets out depending on your preferences. By the way, from it can sometimes vary and cost within one model.

At the very bottom of a product card copies well are marked, how many, i.e. is in presence in a warehouse.

Delivery cost across China is already included in some prizes, in others it is underlined separately. The given indicator usually settles down under the goods price, looks as follows:

Показатель стоимости доставки по Китаю

We see that there can be some ways of delivery. The most expensive in the specified example has cost of 20 yuans for kg. It is possible to take advantage of the standard item of mail which in China is extended enough.rejting-kitajskogo-prodavtsa-postavshhika-tovarov

Having opened any product, you will see that in the top part of a window the rating of the given seller settles down. It is usually estimated depending on the sum of all sales through the Internet shop. If to guide the cursor of a mouse at a rating, it is possible to receive the detailed information on the supplier.

Коэффициент китайского продавца

The special attention should be turned on factor of the seller. It specifies in a parity of positive and negative responses. It is necessary to know, that the good indicator considers 97 % and above. Now you know how to make the order on taobao and to enjoy favorable purchases. We are glad to help you with economy of the personal budget!

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