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What is Buy on Taobao? And what is Taobao?

Taobao is the largest Chinese sites where you can buy goods at low prices in retail and wholesale. There are many online stores with an established rating, which is composed of at reviews from buyers. The higher the rating, the more sensitive and more reliable the seller. The site attracts range of products and value. Platform long been available only to Chinese. Registration and payment of the goods takes place with Chinese operators and through Chinese banks.

Buy on TaobaoCommitting a purchase on Taobao are two of the facilitator. The first is in the buyer’s country and performs all operations on the order and transfer the money here. This is usually online shopping. A second person, a person in China, which engages in the activities there, pay for the Chinese map and registers the purchase with the Chinese room.

The online store carries all the security measures and guarantees quality. All questions arising in the quality of the product, through customs, and others, decided by the representative of the store. The buyer only gets the goods.

Since the beginning of the year purchases on Taobao are available to everyone. Anyone can sign up by entering your mobile phone number and make a payment through Visa card. Step by step instructions available on the Internet. To place an order on Taobao can everyone, in theory. But the question remains on work with marriage how to get your money back if the goods will be of poor quality.

Shopping on Taobao are becoming every day more and more popular. And so as not to be trapped, to be safe from the point of view of product quality, the safety of their money, the proper design of the transportation on all regulatory and legal norms, it is necessary to consult specialists.

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