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Air goods delivery from China and the USA to Ukraine

Air transportation of cargoes is the fastest and convenient way of delivery of your cargoes and the goods. Term of delivery is 7 – 60 days.

Delivery of cargoes from China (Beijing, Guangzhou) and the USA (New York) plane is:

  • speed;
  • convenience;
  • efficiency of goods turnover;
  • decreasing trading costs.

Delivery from Chine

Delivery of clothes from China or transportation of other goods which you buy from East partners is required to you?

Sending by plane is the most effective way of transportation of cargo.

Our company specializes on air transportations from concrete region. Goods delivery from China allows to work with the most reliable partners directly.

Children’s and adult clothes, footwear and also any other goods will be sent in the airport in the deadlines and under the most optimum price. Making the order of the goods from China through our company, you will not be disappointed; we will pick up the variant most convenient for you.

China is today an economic leader; therefore trade from the Peoples Republic of China accepts unprecedented earlier scales.

The clothes, footwear, home appliances and many other things – wholesale deliveries from this country cover all spectrums of commodity groups in the Ukrainian consumer market. If you wish to buy the goods from China, with you interferes nothing.

Competently organized cargo transportation from China, formation of the compound list of the order and sending of modular cargoes from China can be very profitable at the subsequent realization of these goods.

Air transportations China – Ukraine are carried out systematically two once a week from Beijing and Guangzhou.

Tariffs for delivery from China (Beijing, Guangzhou):

Name of the goods Wholesale, $ for 1 kg (from 100 kg) Retail, $ for 1 kg
Железо, запчасти
Hard, spare parts (Brand)
from 8 (from 12) from 11 (from 15)
Textiles (Brand)
from 8 (from 12) from 12 (from 15)
Footwear (Brand)
from 9 (from 13) from 12 (from 15)
текстиль, обувь
The mixed cargoes: textiles + footwear 
from 10 (from 14) from 12 (from 15)
Шубы, мех
Fur coats, fur (Brand)
20 25
Electronics (Brand)
from 10 (from 14) from 13 (from 15)
17 20
Телефоны, Планшетные ПК
Phones, Tablet personal computers (Brand)
not delivery not delivery
2 % from cost

Delivery from the USA

Delivery is made air and sea transport. Tariffs for transportation of cargo from the USA: from 6$/kg sea transport and from 8$/kg air transport. You can easy calculate cost of delivery here.

Our company as is engaged in purchases and delivery of the goods from such trading platforms as:,, etc. the Commission makes from 10 % from prize cost (the minimum order 100$), thus to you should not spend additional means for transfer of means to agree with the seller where and when it should deliver the goods. The order of the goods from America became even easier. With our help you can get all that is on sale in the United States of America through the Internet. Cargoes from the USA take off systematically every week on Friday.

Internet auction eBay exists 13 years, the main criterion of this virtual trading platform is auction but as it is possible and to get the goods not entering in the auctions. On a site The goods for all tastes and to different price categories are exposed. Thanks to it modern eBay co-operates with 200 countries and more than 15 million users. Every day presence of prizes and the offered goods on raises. Simplicity of a way of earning money and reliability – here the main companions of success of the American auction.

Force majeure:

  • Delays, absence or cancellation of flights of airlines;
  • holidays in the USA, Ukraine and as the overloads of flights connected with them, days off, cancellations of flights, etc.;
  • the weather conditions, a different sort natural cataclysms, accidents, failures, an economic situation in the country (in the world), etc.;
  • goods delay the Chinese seller, off-schedule checks at customs.

Having formulated the order and having made an advance payment, you agree with conditions of our cooperation.

Also you should realize that risk that buy the goods seeing it only on a photo, and terms of delivery of your order can change in force-majeure circumstances. If cargo is insured, that at loss or larceny the transport company compensates the sum of the gone cargo. The insurance is discussed in advance before cargo registration, and also it is given original invoice from the manufacturer. The insurance is 2 % from cost.

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